IOS 16 and headset problem/faillure


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    René Rütten

    Hey guys,

    I have received the information from our development department that a beta version is available to resolve the issue.
    "We were able to reproduce the bug and immediately made a new version 3.2.3 (93540) available in Testflight."

    Please see the link above to use the beta version.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Siegfried,

    I have the same problem...

    - another applications like: Spotify, or normal phone call is working with my bluetooth headphones.  

    But looks after the update of IOS, that it is broke...

    (three of my collegeus have the same problem, with this new IOS version no connection with the bluetooth headphones)

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    Christoph Nachtigall

    Hello René,

    we have installed the Testlight Beta on one Device. Looks good. No problem with the beta version.

    When can you publish the beta as an public version?


    Best regards, Christoph

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